Copyright; Yannis Katsaris

Heleen Van Haegenborgh started her career as a pianist specialised in contemporary music and extended techniques. The last years she’s more active as a composer, not seldomly participating in the performances herself. She studied composition in the Conservatory of Brussels (Peter Swinnen)and piano in Ghent (Claude Coppens & Daan Vandewalle)
As a composer she received commissions from MA festival, Spectra Ensemble, Concertgebouw Brugge, Transit, Logos, Musarc Choir, B.A.A.D.M., Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Festival Van Vlaanderen…
Improvisation projects have always been present during her career. She was part of the European Melting Pot in Wroclaw, Istanbul Express in Istanbul, Peking Express in China, …
In Belgium she worked closely together and made several cd’s/vinyl’s with musicians with other backgrounds (jazz, electronics, Japanese music..).. Copper, the. Cd with jazz pianist Christan Mendoza received the Price of New Music in Flanders.
Most projects are the results of close collaborations with  musicians, actors, visual artists, architects and writers. The last years she wrote works for: mixed choir, 3 singers and ensemble, piano, percussion,  harpsichord, viola da gamba, traverso, recorder, violin, oboe, installations, etc..
Labels: Entr’acte (London), De Werf Records, elnegocitorecords,  Het Balanseer, Wool-E Tapes,..

Matrix- page
(Dutch) http://www.matrix-new-music.be/componist/van-haegenborgh-heleen-1980
(English) http://www.matrix-new-music.be/en/composer/van-haegenborgh-heleen-1980


collaborations in music, theatre and visual arts with Tsubasa Hori (Japan), Mary Jane Leach (US), Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe (BE), Nordic Affect (Iceland), Wu Fei (China), Esther Venrooy (NL), Gudrun Oskarsdottir (Iceland), Musarch Choir (London), Christian Mendoza (BE), Geert Van Oorlée (BE), Frederik Leroux (BE), Jez Riley French (UK), Erdem Helvagioglu (Turkey), Geert Belpaeme, Nu-architecten, Johan De Wilde, Jasper Rigole, Femke Gyselinck, Katrien Vermeire,Seppe Gebruers, Lander Gyselinck, Kôhn/Jürgen De Blonde, Robbrecht Desmet, The Germans, Benjamin Glorieux, LOD, Guy De Bièvre, Patrick Corillon, Inne Gooris, Thomas Smetryns, LOD,… 

Ma- festival, Seeds and Bridges festival (Hull), World exhibition (Shanghai), UCCA and Shang Theater (Beijing, Hangzhou (for Ghent, Unesco, city of creative music, Manchester University, Cafe Oto (Londen), Surrey University, Ossia Fine Arts Gallery (Chicago), Roulette (New York), ),Brakke Grond (Amsterdam), theater Kikker (Utrecht), Goethe Institut (Rotterdam), Le Festival, Blue note Festival, Happy New Ears, Biennale, Batard..Gent Festival, Brussels Jazz Festival, Flagey, Soundinmotion, Courtisane, Theaterfestival in De Singel, Melting Pot Wroclaw, Bachacademie Brugge, jazzlabseries, Internationaal Filmfestival (Rotterdam), Transit Leuven, Bachacademie Brugge, Holland Animation Filmfestival, Soundinmotion, Toon festival (Haarlem), Theater Kikker (Utrecht), 

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